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Photo: © Maša Stanić


from July 8 to July 12, 2024 

10.00 am - 5.30 pm



Scheibbs, Feldgasse 3


Early Bird: 280€/220,

after May 8: 320€/260€

The workshop is fully booked. Please register for >>> waiting list



Good songwriting isn't just the skill of creating catchy melodies or finding the perfect chords. It is the art of telling a story, arousing emotions, and conveying messages in such a way as to directly affect the listener.


In my workshop we’ll be celebrating music-making in all its creativity and passion. We’ll seek out our sources of inspiration, learn how to use criticism – especially self-criticism – constructively, and how to venture beyond our inner limits.


We’ll deploy a variety of methods to help us quickly put those ideas down on paper. We’ll play song sketches for each other and discuss them. Together we’ll discover the elements that make your music unique. The structure, flow and presentation of a song determine how clearly and powerfully the message is received.


The focused working environment is designed to inspire your creativity. Anyone who would like to say something with their music (and has basic knowledge of an instrument) is thoroughly welcome to take part.



Artur Aigner, known as ARAI, released music on Soundcloud and Spotify while he was still at school. The versatile multi-instrumentalist quickly gained international attention and his fan base has steadily grown ever since. In 2021 he signed a contract with Universal Music. Last year he released his well-received debut album “Drama Pop” - an album title defining ARAIs own musical genre, drawing inspiration from a variety of sources including hip-hop, R&B, EDM, jazz and classical. For the opening of the INTERTONALE he will present his songs with the help of an expanded ensemble at Rathausplatz Scheibbs.

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HInterund 12_2.png
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