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Photo: © Maša Stanić 


from July 8 to July 12, 2024 

10.00 am - 5.30 pm



Scheibbs, Feldgasse 3


Early Bird: 280€/220,

after May 8: 320€/260€


As in politics, the body is the start of everything. Without a body, there are no possibilities to play music or create a sound. Even to push a knob you need a body. In this workshop we observe our bodies through musical gestures and try to minimize the boundaries between us and our instruments. 


We will also observe our instruments, one by one as well as within collective practices. You will be asked to “deconstruct” your instrument and use it as you have never used it before. We’ll focus on small parts, for example strings, neck, body, volume knob, keys, bow, snare spring etc., and see them as instruments on their own, which we can connect in different ways. 


On the basis of our findings we’ll improvise - not as a practice of making something new every time (that’s not really possible), but in a way that we will be able to communicate through sound, dynamics and form. Improvisation will be established as a language where space and time flow freely through our sound-body.


Julien Desprez is one of the great innovators of the international musical avant-garde. The Paris-based musician and co-founder of “Collectif Coax” combines sound art with performance, working solo or alongside congenial colleagues such as Lukas König, Farida Amadou, Mats Gustafsson and Audrey Chen. For Desprez, the electric guitar is a multifaceted tool he can play as a drum kit, organ or other instrument, depending on the situation. Between oscillating sound patterns and sprawling noise, Julien's early musical preferences for jazz and rock still come through at times, but only as quotations that have long since given way to a far freer interplay between body and space.

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HInterund 12_2.png
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