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Photo: © Maša Stanić 


from July 8 to July 12, 2024 

10.00 am - 5.30 pm



Scheibbs, Feldgasse 3


Early Bird: 280€/220,

after May 8: 320€/260€

The Producing workshop is already fully booked. Registrations are possible for the >>> waiting list.


This production workshop is all about sound. We explore how sonic qualities can shape your own piece of music and how technology can help us get the most out of our ideas. Working DIY-style, we’ll record sounds that will serve as material for further processing.

We’ll get to know the most important tools and workflows for music production, working with drum machines, synthesizers and effects devices and looking at VST plug-ins that inspire us to experiment. The most interesting results often arise when working against the rules, and utilizing equipment for purposes different from its original intent. 

I’ll show you how to not lose that creative thread when faced with the sheer amount of technical possibilities – and we’ll see why, in the end, your gut feeling is always right.

The workshop serves as an opportunity to break free from your usual working environment, exchange ideas with others and inspire one another. By the end of the week, each of you should leave with a completed track that expresses the essence of your own creativity and personality.

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On his album “Songs of Vienna” (2022), Clemens Bacher, aka CID RIM, expresses his connection to his hometown of Vienna. Perhaps there’s a certain melancholy to be found too, as the studied jazz drummer often finds himself elsewhere: in London, for example, where he is signed to the UK label “Lucky Me”. His beat-heavy music sits between R&B, jazz, hip hop and club sounds, and has successfully reached an international audience.


Other highlights include well-known collaborations such as with Gorillaz mastermind Damon Albarn. Apple presented its iPhone 14 with CID RIM's song “He Who Runs” and he produces film music for cinema and TV. In the workshop, Clemens will not only share his diverse skills as a producer, but also his experience in the international music business.

HInterund 12_2.png
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